The Grand Island MISSION

The History & Our Story

The School History & Our Story

Click here to view a short video highlighting the history of the school and our vision for it's future use.
From 1920-1967 this beautiful architectural landmark served as Beaver Union Elementary School, educating 1st-8th grade students until it was closed due to school district consolidations.  

For the next decade it was used as a personal family retreat, followed by years of neglect and disrepair.

In 1998, Patti Collins (known in the Delta as Patsy Sullivan), who is an alumni of the school, introduced Chris and Carol Davis to the property as a potential project to be pursued. For 14 years their non-profit, the Mission of Grace Foundation, tried to acquire the property to be used as a Christian conference & retreat center, but it wasn't until August 2012 that it finally happened!
Due to changing building codes on Grand Island, a building permit had to be obtained no later than August 15, 2012 in order to prevent the pour in place concrete building from being required to be elevated 11 feet in the air above the flood plain. We succeeded in that mission!

With a building permit in hand to replace the roof & repair dry rot, we raised money through individual donors to re-roof the entire building, completing the work as we raised funds. Re-roofing required repairing dry rot in floors and essential walls, plus reinforcing the entire roof structural support. Lots of work, but another mission accomplished!

What's next?  Gutters. Then windows. Lots & lots of windows!

It is very exciting seeing what has been done and what's to come! It is also inspiring seeing the many people coming together to save this beautiful building through donation of their time, money and resources. 
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